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Dec 29,2010

parenting-tips-skills-building-healthy-child-self-esteemYour child’s self-confidence is their mental basis. A self-assured child is surefooted, steady, pleased, well-adjusted and flourishing. They can figure out difficulties that arise, and it thrives under an admiring parent’s nurturing care.

What are few effective methods to built up self-confidence in your child?


Dec 26,2010

connect-with-your-child-parent-guideWe, as parents all would like to relate and be involved with our child.  Children of involved parents in general feeling more positive, ascertained and possess a higher level of self-confidence.  They do well in school and excel in extracurricular activities and as well as their hobbies.

But then are there such things as per overmuch involvement? It is essential while you are becoming involved with your school-aged child’s academics and activities that you be on familiar terms with the limit of what being overly involved can be.


Dec 23,2010

parenting-tips-discipline-your-child-easierAt times it can be really difficult to talk anything with your children. Laying out well-defined expectations concerning what’s acceptable behavior and what isn’t is important to effectively educating your child right from wrong.  If the boundaries are jumbled or when the child discovers that, in one circumstance the rules are this way yet in another same circumstances the rules are not the same as before, it brings uncertainty and disappointment to both parents and children.

What you have to do is sit down with your children well beforehand and line out the prospects and consequences of a misdeed or misbehaving. Make it obvious that there is no room for discussion at the time of the violation, and that should such actions happen you stand to be strict in your discipline.


Dec 20,2010

parenting-tips-build-your-child-self-esteemIt’s frequently been believed that children learn what they live. Hence if you are seeking for a place to begin aiding your child shape up positive self value and self esteem, then you have to demonstrate your positive sense of self and strong self esteem to them. Be positive when you talk concerning yourself and emphasize your strengths. This will teach your child that it is fine to be proud of their skills, abilities and talents.

Your child also benefits greatly from positive and honest praise. Discover something about them to praise every day. You could even assign your child a chore you are sure they can accomplished and then praise them for a job well performed after they’re completed. Let your child see that positive acts deserve positive praise.