Successfully Discipline your Child without Hurting Them

parenting-tips-discipline-your-child-easierChildren seem always consistently to come up with a means to ‘push our buttons’ and surely try our patience.  It is easy to feel annoyed, depressive, angry, displeased, upset and hurt.  It is at these times when our parenting skills are truly tested, and that it is essential we assert a kind but firm stance when it comes to doling out the discipline.  And let’s confront it – not a single one of us ever wish to harm our child with physical or verbal abuse.  We would like to show our child that such things are wrong, and penalizing a misbehavior or incorrect action with shouting or hitting is false.

Our aim while disciplining our children is to educate them to be helpful, responsible, kindhearted and respectful.  The most favorable method to teach this is to be consistent, implement the same punishment for the same misbehavior, and to talk about the discipline with your child plainly and truthfully later on.

Always remember that the stage of development, maturity level, and characteristic of your child should always be counted when implementing a set disciplinary action.  Disciplinary actions should be discussed and understood beforehand so that children aware of what they have coming whenever they have misbehaved and can give pause and with a bit of luck select an appropriate way to steer clear of it.  Above all, commit to memory that it is not the child you dislike; it is his or her chosen actions, behaviors or misdeeds.

If you have to, give yourself a short ‘time out’ before responding with appropriate discipline.  On occasion we require a brief calming down period before handling our children misbehavior so as to prevent a misdeed of our own.  Screaming and hitting should by no means be an option.

As parents we need to keep our mind open, and be ready to learn with and from our children.  We all are not perfect and will sometimes make errors ourselves and it is essential to see that not every type of discipline works with every child. Children are just as one-of-a-kind as we adults are, and modes of discipline must be customized to match the needs of both child and parent. But with a little consideration, tolerance, resolution, love and understanding, the discipline can have a positive result for all involved.

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