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Dec 17,2010

parenting tips-how to teach your child teamworkChores can assist in building up a sense of responsibility and self worth in your child.  It should be realised by all family members that they are expected and essential to a household for it to be running effectively and well.  They can assist in creating a sense of unity and family and is a wonderful place for your child to learn about teamwork.  Parents need to take extra care to handle the assignment of chores to children so they do not turn out to be a source of dissatisfaction or create squabbles.
Allow your child to have an active voice in the allocation of errands.  Give them selections.  We all have household chores that we dislike doing, but if it is a chore the child loves doing therefore there’s less chance it will start up a fight in the end.  The child will most probable be grateful for having the opportunity to be heard and having a choice.


Dec 8,2010
parenting tips - chore chart

Chore chart sample

It can be really annoying for you to ask your child again and again to finish their tasks without them ever getting done.  If this scenario is a day-to-day occurance at your home, as parents you may want to consider designing a chore chart. Chores for your child might comprise of  taking out the rubbishes, washing dishes, tidying their room, yard work or putting dirty clothes in the laundry room. Each one of the chore has to be carry out only one time or two times in a week. Anything more is unrealistic.

Once your child finishes every chore, they can put a tick on the chore chart or to make it a lot more interesting for your child, you can supply them with colorful stickers with attractive symbols or cartoon characters which they can embellish the chore chart with every chores completion. At the end of every week, it is very inspiring for both parents and child to take a look at the chore chart and simply see that for each one of the assigned task was accomplished.  Exactly similar our ‘to do’ lists, your child will attain great contentment in being able to tick off or add colorful stickers for each task as it’s completed and rejoice knowing that they had accomplished a set or list of chores.