Successfully Discipline your Child without Hurting Them

Children seem always consistently to come up with a means to ‘push our buttons’ and surely try our patience.  It is easy to feel annoyed, depressive, angry, displeased, upset and hurt.  It is at these times when our parenting skills are truly tested, and that it is essential we assert a kind but firm stance […]

Parenting Skills – Consistency is Fundamental to Successful Self-Control

Consistency is fundamental to effectively educating your child correct from wrong when disciplining them. It prevents little faults and negative conducts from subsequently becoming greater faults and more awful conducts. You have to hold firm and mean it when you say, “switch off the TV at once”or “no dessert after dinner since you did not […]

Parenting Tips – Chart your Child’s Accomplishments with a Chore Chart

It can be really annoying for you to ask your child again and again to finish their tasks without them ever getting done.  If this scenario is a day-to-day occurance at your home, as parents you may want to consider designing a chore chart. Chores for your child might comprise of  taking out the rubbishes, […]