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Dec 17,2010

parenting tips-how to teach your child teamworkChores can assist in building up a sense of responsibility and self worth in your child.  It should be realised by all family members that they are expected and essential to a household for it to be running effectively and well.  They can assist in creating a sense of unity and family and is a wonderful place for your child to learn about teamwork.  Parents need to take extra care to handle the assignment of chores to children so they do not turn out to be a source of dissatisfaction or create squabbles.
Allow your child to have an active voice in the allocation of errands.  Give them selections.  We all have household chores that we dislike doing, but if it is a chore the child loves doing therefore there’s less chance it will start up a fight in the end.  The child will most probable be grateful for having the opportunity to be heard and having a choice.


Dec 14,2010

parenting-guide-do-not-let-anger-control-youAnger can be a paralyzing and exhausting state. On the other hand it also can be a distressing and humiliating incident for your child if you are taking your rage out upon them. Physical and spoken abuse of a child can stimulate everlasting and destructive repercussions, therefore it is imperative that as a parent, you do whatsoever needed to get your anger under control.

As a parent, you possess an amazing chance to negate the wrongs that were done to you as a child if you had a raging and violent parent or parents. It can be really healing and exhibit you where your troubles lie are and rouse you to mend them. Perchance your past times are full of unresolved ache and resentment. If true, take on the required measures to mend yourself. If you do not, you could be reluctantly and thoughtlessly hurt your child.