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Feb 2,2011

do-as-i-do-parenting-tipsChildren acquire the “pretend to be” ability at a really early stage of development.  It is exactly how they come to know how to act, tending for themselves, build up fresh abilities, and communicate with other people. Since their earliest moments they keep an eye on you diligently and design their personal behavior and impressions after yours. Your examples turn into lasting mental image, which will mold their bearings and actions for the rest of their life.
It is significant to be responsible for, unchanging and affectionate with your child.  This too holds true for the relationship you have with your partner, your parents, and another family members and peers that are also a part of your child’s life.  Confess to mistakes whenever you make them, and talk undisguised and truthfully with the whole household members.


Dec 23,2010

parenting-tips-discipline-your-child-easierAt times it can be really difficult to talk anything with your children. Laying out well-defined expectations concerning what’s acceptable behavior and what isn’t is important to effectively educating your child right from wrong.  If the boundaries are jumbled or when the child discovers that, in one circumstance the rules are this way yet in another same circumstances the rules are not the same as before, it brings uncertainty and disappointment to both parents and children.

What you have to do is sit down with your children well beforehand and line out the prospects and consequences of a misdeed or misbehaving. Make it obvious that there is no room for discussion at the time of the violation, and that should such actions happen you stand to be strict in your discipline.